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Personalized Gifts Parties

How would you like to receive $50 or more in personalized gifts?! Who wouldn't, right??

Host a personalized photo gift party for you, your friends and/family members at our location or an agreed on location of your choosing. Receive an initial gift valued at $50 simply for hosting and then receive even more rewards for personalized gifts and photos sold during your party!! For more information or to schedule a party, contact us today!

Here's how it works:

As a host of a personalized photo gift party, you decide the date and location of your event. Your event can be held at our location or at any other location that you choose and that is agreed on by you and your personalized gift specialist. Sell at least 5 gift certificates (party tickets) valued at $20 each. Guests can then use the party tickets/gift certificates towards purchasing personalized gifts or photos during your party. As the host, you get a $50 gift certificate to use toward purchasing personalized gifts. In addition, you will receive another gift certificate for 10% of your events earnings. For instance, if at your event, your friend's and/or family's purchases total $750, you will receive a $75 gift certificate in addition to the $50 gift certificate you already received just for hosting! Please note that the event ticket sales to your friends and/or family are not included in total event sales. Please also note that this only applies to funds received the day of your event. You do not receive credit for guests who order at a later time. For payment plan orders, you will only receive credit for the initial payment that is made on the day of your event. To get the maximum benefit it is preferred that all of your guests are able to attend your event on the date you schedule. That way you can receive full credit for any additional purchases they may make.